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High-Speed Internet for Ely, MN

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Ely's Local Internet Service Provider

Treehouse is a local business founded and operated right in Ely. We're committed to providing great service and support at an affordable price.

We promise fair pricing, no yearly contracts, and no unexpected fees.

Treehouse uses fixed wireless technology to beam internet service from towers to your house, using directional antennas and receiver dishes. We install whole-home WiFi, ensuring high-speed coverage even in the corners of your home.

New Plans for 2023

Next-Generation Wave plans available throughout all of Treehouse coverage by end of 2023.

Wave Gigabit
500+ Mbps 
500+ Mbps 

Impressive speed for professionals
WiFi 6 Router Included

$ 100/mo
Wave Premium
250 Mbps 
250 Mbps 

Streaming for the whole family
WiFi 6 Router Included

$ 85/mo
Wave Basic
100 Mbps
100 Mbps 

Basic streaming and web browsing
WiFi 6 Router Included

$ 60/mo
Free Home Installation until Spring!
$ 0
Monthly Router Fees None
Surprise Service Fees None
Early Cancellation Fees None

Installation Process

  1. Sign up for a service check
  2. Treehouse will complete a preliminary assessment and if coverage is available, provide an estimated one-time charge for installation.
  3. At agreed upon install date, Treehouse Installers will confirm receiver dish placement and cable entry to home.
  4. Dish and Cabling will be installed and secured to building, post, or tree. Customers are responsible for burying cable underground if desired.
  5. Installation Charge & Monthly service is billed via autopay from credit card or e-check.

Seasonal Service

For seasonal residents, our seasonal service allows for hibernation November-April at a reduced rate. During the winter months, stream your security cameras and control your smart thermostat for $25/month. Limited 1Mbps/3Mbps provided off-season. Eligible on legacy Superfast or Pro plans Only.

Coverage Area

Currently servicing homes on Shagawa, Fall, Burntside, White Iron, Wolf, Little Long Lake, Ely, and Winton.

Coming soon to Eagles Nest in 2023

Check for Service Or text us at 218-504-0218

Bring Fast Internet to Your Ely Area Resort

Treehouse Broadband has installed internet service to many resorts and multi-dwelling units throughout the Ely area, providing turn-key implementations, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and peace of mind that connectivity is in capable hands. Contact us for a quote.


What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Treehouse utilizes directional antennas operating on radio frequency spectrum to provide high bandwidth, low latency internet service. With direct line of sight to one of our dozens of repeater locations, we can service customers in the Ely Area.

Is service impacted by rain, snow, fog?

Unlike traditional satellite service, Rain, Snow, Fog, etc has no impact on the frequencies and short-range transmissions we use to deploy broadband.

Do you have data caps or throttling?

We do not have data caps and will never have data caps. We do not throttle service for excessive usage.

Is your service different or better than satellite internet?

Our service exceeds traditional satellite internet in bandwidth, latency, and reliability. We provide much higher bandwidth, with no data caps. While traditional satellite internet service latency can be 600-1000 milliseconds, causing laggy behavior, Treehouse provides latency of well under 100ms.

Do you provide speeds as advertised?

We provide approximately 20% higher speeds than advertised to account for network overhead and background data usage when testing. Speeds may be impacted by personal device capabilities, device distance from the home router, or other forms of in-home interference. If you suspect problems with your bandwidth speeds, please let us know so we can work towards quick resolution.

How does Treehouse receive upstream bandwidth?

Our upstream connection is through regional fiber providers running over the NESC fiber network and Consolidated fiber network. With redundant BGP connections out of Ely, we avoid the inevitable excavator related long term outages.