Treehouse Broadband

High-Speed Internet for Ely, MN

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Specializing in hard to service areas

Treehouse is a local business founded and operated right in Ely. We're committed to providing great service and support at an affordable price.

We promise fair pricing, no yearly contracts, and no cancellation fees.

Unlike others "up to" internet speeds, we guarantee you'll always receive at least the minimum speed of your service level.

Treehouse uses fixed wireless connections from towers to your house, using directional antennas. This results in actual speeds often 10x faster than DSL, at costs 10-100x cheaper than deploying fiber.


10 Mbps↓
3 Mbps↑


Just the essentials - email, shop, and browse online

30 Mbps↓
6 Mbps↑


Fast speeds for video calls, streaming media, and everyday browsing

100 Mbps↓
25 Mbps↑


Reliable speed for professionals working from home

Switching from your current provider?

Share your bill, and we will beat either the price or speed.

$200 Standard Installation

We're committed to bringing service to areas underserved by existing ISPs, and we're up for a challenge. Installs may cost more. Contact us for an estimate.

$45 Wifi Router

Or bring your own. All purchased WiFi routers include lifetime automatic firmware and security updates. Pro speeds or large homes may need additional equipment.

Coverage Area

Currently servicing the north shore of Shagawa and the west side of Ely. Winton and Fall Lake coming soon.

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Bring Fast Internet to Your Ely Area Business

Sponsoring a tower build can prioritize service to your business while also benefiting nearby community members.

Please get in contact to discuss partnerships by emailing